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Commitment to our Community

Every week people request and receive donations from us to their worthy organizations – either goods to help put together an event or prizes and auction items. We sponsor the annual July 3 fireworks event at Analy Field. We also sponsor youth sports teams and we have a group of special needs high school students gaining work experience here two mornings a week. 


Dave Lewis, a member of our staff and a retired fire captain with the Oakland Fire Department, is an expert on disaster preparedness. At least once a year he leads a workshop here on how to get your home and family ready for an earthquake or other emergency. 


Ask for your copy of a Red Cross endorsed 16 week plan that will help you gather the necessary items and do the projects that will help your family in a disaster.  We also have a checklist of disaster items we stock that you may find helpful as well as an excellent booklet called “Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country” that has a lot of extremely helpful and interesting information in it.