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  Sebastopol Hardware is working to help homeowners and businesses become better prepared
to face an earthquake or other disaster.

     We have developed a 16-week preparation plan that has been endorsed by the Red Cross and CERT (Community Emergency Response Team).  To learn more about CERT, click here.



     Listed below are some of the many products you can buy to create your emergency kit. 


Disaster Supplies
Ask about a 20% case discount on some items.

First Response

Gas Wrench    
Escape Ladder    
First aid kit 105 piece - auto    
Hand Powered Radio & Flashlight    
Battery operated radio    
Fire Extinguisher 2.5 lb    
Fire Extinguisher 5 lb    
N95 masks, box/20    
Dust masks 5 pack    
Two-way radio    
Safety flare    
Booster Cables    
Barricade/caution tape    
Spray paint - red    
Power and Fuel    
Power supply    
Lamp oil Ultrapure 22oz    
Lamp oil Ultrapure gallon    
Lamp oil 64oz clear    
Plumber's candle    
Butane fuel 7.8 oz    
Propane fuel 16.4 oz    
Gas can 2.5 gallon    
Duracell alkaline batteries AA/4pack    
Duracell alkaline batteries D/2pack    
Duracell alkaline battery 9V    
Duracell alkaline batteries AAA/4pack    
Duracell alkaline battery 6V    
Alkaline batteries D 8 pack    
Waterproof matches - 4 pack    
Matches - strike anywhere    
Fire starters    
Butane lighter 2 pack    
Propane Lantern, 2 mantles    
Propane lantern, 1 mantle    
Kerosene lantern    
Lantern with 6 volt battery    
Maglight flashlight - 2 D    
Flashlight 2D    
Flashlight, rubber 2AA    
Mini Mag light 2 AA    
Shake power flashlight    
Oil Lamp    
Light stick    
Water Supply    
Water Filter    
Cartridge for water filter    
Water carrier 5 gallon    
Water drum 30 gallon    
Water drum 55 gallon    
Pump for water drum    
Water purification tablets    
Bleach, Clorox 96 oz    
Water hose Gilmour 5/8" x 50'    
Propane stove - 2 burner    
Stove - 2 burner camp    
Butane stove - portable    
Propane stove    
Hand-operated can opener    
Propane fuel    
Cookware - mess kit    
Stock pot    
Heat & Sleeping    
Propane heater    
LP heater    
Emergency Blanket    
Sleeping bag    
Sleeping cot    
Air mattress - full size    
Fott air pump    
Propane tent heater    
Wool blanket    
Tent - Montana 8    
Poly Sheeting 10' x 25' clear    
Poly sheeting 10' x 25' black    
Plastic sheeting 6' x 100' - other widths available    
Staple gun    
Duct tape    
Rope 3/8" x 100'    
Adjustable bungee cord    
Poly tarp 8 x 10    
Poly tarp 10 x 12    
Poly tarp 16 x 20    
Poly tarp 10 x 20    
Poly tarp 12 x 16    
5 Gallon bucket    
Bucket lid    
Toilet paper    
Trash bags    
Bucket toilet seat    
Trash can 32 gal green poly    
Trash can 32 gal wheeled poly    
Galv trash can 6 gal    
Galv trash can 10 gal    
Galv trash can 20 gal    
Galv trash can 30 gal    
Storage shed 30 CF horizontal    
Storage shed 60 cf vertical    
Storage shed 20 cf horizontal    
We have more shed options available by special order    
Secure Valuables    
Water heater strap kit    
Furniture strap - brown    
Furniture strap steel cable    
Furniture strap - oak    
TV strap - black    
Furniture strap - white    
Computer strap - gray    
Cable tie-out for pets    
Museum putty    
Museum wax - clear    
Quakehold gel    
Heavy work gloves    
Leatherman Blast multitool    
Knife - firefighter    
Classic Swiss Army knife    
Vise grips    
Wrecking bar    
Axe 14"    
Saw - sportsman's 20"    
Shovel - long handle round point, fiberglass handle    
Tool box    
Hand saw    
Screwdriver - 4 in 1    
Pliers - Diagonal    
Adjustable wrench