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Soil Amendments

Greenall Organic Potting Soil
Premium potting soil for all your container plantings. 100% natural organic and ready to use straight from the bag. Contains fir bark, peat moss, composted mushroom soil, volcanic pumice stone, earth-worm castings, sand, feather meal, bat guano, green sand, raw rock phosphate & kelp meal.
2 cf. GRS

Redi Gro Potting Soil
Excellent for all general planting needs. Formulated for indoor and outdoor use. Contains fir bark mulch (0-1/8" and 0-1/4"), pumice, sand, gypsum and hydrated lime. 2 cf. RG2

Whitney Farms Potting Soil
A superb general purpose potting soil that is ready-blended for indoor and outdoor use. Contains peat moss, volcanic pumice, fir bark fines, aged compost and dolomite lime. 2 cf. WPS2

Edna’s Best Potting Soil
Ideal for both indoor and outdoor container planters. Includes mycorrhizal fungi, earthworm castings, kelp meal, bat guano and feather meal. 8qt. 203101

Greenall Planting Mix
This is an all purpose, ready-to-use planting mix. Mix with native soil or use as it comes from the bag. Contains fir bark, perlite, mushroom compost. 2cf. GRPM

Redi-Gro Planting Mix
An upgraded version of organic compost, this has a higher percentage of fir bark. Contains fir bark mulch (0-1/4") & hardwood sawdust. 1.5cf RGPL

Greenall Soil Booster
For flowers and vegetables, this 100% natural organic booster contains chicken manure, earthworm castings, bat guano and kelp meal. Mix with your soil when planting from seed or transplanting young plants. 1.5cf SB

EB Stone Planting Compost
Ideal for outdoor planting applications. Contains composted wood shavings, redwood compost, composted chicken manure, mushroom compost, fir bark, bat guano, kelp meal and alfalfa meal. 1.5cf PC

Redi Gro Organic Compost
Made from bark, decomposition rate is slow which means nitrogen withdrawal is minimal. This product is labor saving, lasting anywhere from 3 to 7 years in the soil. Contains fir bark mulch (0-1/4") with hardwood sawdust. 1.5cf OC

Redwood Compost
Redwood compost is used as a soil conditioner, top dressing for lawns, as a soil mix base and as a mulch. Contains redwood mulch with 5% nitrogen. 1.5cf RC

Peat Moss
This product is an excellent all-purpose soil conditioner. It helps break up clay soils and gives life to sandy soils. It is especially good for the propagation and establishment of acid-loving plants such as azaleas and rhododendrons. 1, 2.2 or 3.8 cf. bales.  70584, 5, 6.

Greenall Microbark
Ideal for walkways, gardens and play areas. Helps inhibit weed growth and conserves soil moisture. Insulates as well.
2 cf. GMB

Red Bark
Decorative ground cover for carefree landscaping. Adds natural forest beauty and fragrance to planters, pathways, play areas etc. Retards weed and grass germination.
2 cf BARK

Shredded Cedar Mulch
Highly decorative fibrous mulch. Works well on hillsides and is great for pathways. Try it over WeedBlock for terrific results. 2 cf. CEDAR

Rock Powder Fertilizer
Safe and natural, Rock Powder is an excellent way to develop healthy, rich soil. It provides essential minerals and trace elements and improves plant strength and natural pest resistance. 50 lb. RP
Oyster Shell
This is an organic source of easily absorbed, high quality calcium. Calcium is the most essential mineral element for sustaining your soil life. It is a great, natural Ph balancer especially useful in clay soils. It breaks down the clay thereby improving water penetration and aeration. It makes micro-nutrients more available and directly improves the health of roots, stems and leaves. Sized to effect both immediate and long-term reaction.
50lb OS